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Conservatively speaking there are probably hundreds if not thousands of wines that are available on the world market today. With wine being one of the most enjoyed beverages by the masses since the beginning of time and over the years much has changed in the making of the wine. However, at the same time, much has also remained the same when it comes to where the different wines come from. This includes the regions where certain varieties of wines are produced and we will discuss why it is very important where some varieties of wine originate from.

Pinot Noir Wine

According to research Pinot Noir Wine is the most popular of all the light-bodied red wines on the market. People who enjoy wine because it is very aromatic, with a hint of spice and hit the palette very smoothly. The unique flavor of the Pinot Noir wine is a combination of several flavors including mushrooms, hibiscus, raspberry, cherry, and cloves. Vines of Pinot Noir grapes can be found in many different regions of the world.

Along with Pinot Noir Wine (red wine), the Pinot Noirs grapes are also being used in some Champagnes and sparkling white wines which includes both Italian Franciacorta and English Sparkling wines.

Origins of Pinot Noir Wine

When it comes to making wine it always starts and ends with the grape and each wine assumes the characteristics of the grape and the region where it originates. While some varieties of grapes that are used to make the wine are only grown in one specific region of the world, not all fall into this category. The Pinot Noir grapes that are used to make the Pinot Noir Wine originally came from an area called Burgundy, France.

The Pinot Noir Grape plant grows plentifully in cooler climates and well taken care of soil of many vineyards all over the world. This includes the coastal areas of the West Coast of California and Oregon to include both Napa Valley and Sonoma in Nothern California. One of the reasons why these areas are popular places to find the Pinot Noir grapes is because of its close proximity to bodies of water and or protected valley’s.

French variety of Pinot Noir Wine

Since the original Pinot Noir grape comes from vines growing in the Burgundy region in France, located on a very narrow, east-facing slope of Dijon, France. These vines date back to the Middle Ages where Cistercian Monks could be found tending. The process followed by French winemakers causes there to be an increased amount of tannin in the wine. This helps to give it an exceptional floral and earthy aroma and flavor.

Despite the Pinot Noir variety of grapes being the most planted of all the different varieties of wine grapes, they are the most difficult of all to grow and make them into wine. The grapes on the vines form extremely tight clusters when growing, which can frequently lead to rotting on the vine if they are not closely monitored. The very thin skin of the grapes and lower levels of the important phenolic compounds that lead to a medium-bodied, but lighter colored wines.

California variety of Pinot Noir Wine

While the Pinot Noir grape is believed to thrive in cooler climate, this may beg the question, why is California the primary area for American varieties of the Pinot Noir Wines? The simple answer is that the coastal and valley areas of Northern California have a unique climate which includes regular amounts of fog and cooling breezes directly off the Pacific Ocean. The combination of the regular morning fog and ocean breezes closely resembles the cool climate that is found in the Burgundy area of France.

The Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Central Coast regions of Northern California also happen to be the leading wine grape growing regions of the United States. The California variety of Pinot Noir wine is known for its rich, fruity and lush style, which should come at no surprise why it is such a popular style of red wine. Knowing when the grapes have reached the optimum ripeness is the absolute key to getting the best flavor out of the grapes.

Aging in barrels

Part of the uniqueness of the flavor of California Pinot Noir wine is the choice of barrels that are used in the aging process. After the grapes are squeezed and processed into wine, winemakers then fill specially selected oak barrels imported directly from France. These barrels contain a hint of allspice that is transferred to the wine during the aging process and that is why when you uncork a new bottle of Pinot Noir Wine from one of the California wineries you will catch the aroma and flavor of allspice.

How do you go about pairing Pinot Noir wine with food?

Since wines are generally served and consumed during a meal, it is very important that you choose the right wine to go along with your meal. When it comes to selecting which foods go best with a glass of Pinot Noir wine you need to know first which of the two distinct types of Pinot Noir wine you are being served to be sure you know which foods will go with it. The fruitier type of Pinot Noir goes best with salmon, roasted chicken, and pasta entrees. If you are being served a Pinot Noir that is heavier on tannin than you would want to be sure to order game birds, including duck, casserole, and beef stews like beef bourguignon.

A few additional things to know about Pinot Noir wine

The proper handling of wine is important to ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of the experience. A bottle of Pinot Noir wine should be chilled before being poured at a temperature of 55° to 60° to ensure the best possible taste. When it comes to serving Pinot Noir it is best to pour the wine into an aroma collector type of wine glass. If at all possible, you want to pour the contents of the bottle in a decanter and let it sit for up to 30-min prior to serving wine to your family.

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