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Wine is one of the most popular of all adult beverages with millions of bottles of wine being bought every year. Whether it is a glass or two with dinner, a relaxing glass after a busy day or several bottles shared with good friends at a party, there are many ways to enjoy the deliciousness of your favorite wine.

Up until the mid-sixties, the only way you could buy your favorite wine was in a bottle. That all changed in 1965 when a man named Thomas Angove from South Australia created the wine in a box. Inside the box was a plastic bladder made from plastic and an air-tight valve which contained up to one-gallon of wine. The polyurethane plastic material in the bladder is considered to be food-grade and therefore will not alter the taste of wine.

The true key to boxed wine is the air-tight valve that helps to preserve the freshness of the wine. You can open a box of wine and place it in the refrigerator and it will retain its full flavor for more than 30 days. The box can also be stored unopened for up to one year depending on the type of wine in the box.

Top7 Benefits of buying boxed wine

After doing some research about boxed wine, we found some very interest things that point to this way of buying your wine can be very beneficial. We came up with five very strong benefits of choosing your favorite wine in a box. Below are the five that we came up with and a description of each of them.

Benefit #1 Quality of wine in the box - It is a well-known fact that most of the boxed wine on the market today is made up of wine that is sub-$20 wine. With that in mind, you would be happy to know that pretty much covers that range of the top quality everyday wines. Depending on what type of wine you favor, you may still not be able to find it in a box even if it falls into the sub-$20 price range. However, if you aspire to drink much higher quality wine, you will likely be disappointed.

Benefit #2 Maintains its freshness longer - Ever since it was first introduced back in 1965, the boxed win concept has found a foothold in the wine buying landscape. This is due mainly to the fact that you can purchase a full gallon of your favorite wine in a box and it will retain its full freshness and flavor for several weeks. Unlike a typical wine bottle that has a wooden or plastic cork, the air-tight valve and twist-on cap help to prevent the spoiling of contents of the box. The part of the box is the unique plastic bladder that holds up to a gallon of wine and will not adversely affect the taste of the wine, even if you store it for up to one year.

Benefit #3 Lower costs associated with boxed wine - The lower cost of making and packaging boxed wine makes it a much better option as compared to old fashion glass bottles. The equipment used to produce and package wine in glass bottles is extremely expensive. When you add into the cost of the associated materials including corks, screwtops, caps and, decorative foils commonly found on bottles. On the other hand, wine in a box is far less expensive with the cost of the polyurethane plastic bladder, the air-tight valve/cap, and the cardboard box. The ratio of wine to packaging with boxed wine is 96% wine to 4% packaging., with glass bottles, the ratio is 60% wine and 40% packaging.

Benefit #4 A much better container for holding wine - The inventer of the boxed wine, Thomas Angove from South Australia, discovered that putting a gallon of wine in a polyurethane bladder is a perfect combination. What also makes it a much better container for holding a larger quantity of wine (up to one gallon) is the air-tight valve that prevents air from getting inside and coming in contact with the wine inside. While you can find larger glass bottles of certain kinds of wine, the twist-off caps that are commonly found on this size of bottles do not prevent air from getting inside.

Benefit #5 Comes in a number of sizes - Since the bladder inside the box holds the wine, the size of the box will vary depending on the amount of liquid it holds. You can choose from three different sizes of boxed wine including 1.5, 3 and 5 liters. It becomes a huge benefit when you consider a glass of wine cost is far cheaper when purchased in a box. The 3-liter box is the equivalent to 4 typical 750-milliliter glass bottles of wine. The 3-liter box contains approximately 20 5-ounce glasses of wine and when purchased in the box versus four bottles, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Benefit #6 More ecologically friendly the glass bottles - In this day and age the environment is at the forefront and more people have become much more concerned about having a much smaller carbon footprint. Cardboard boxes are much lighter than glass which means transporting the equivalent amount of wine in glass bottles is much cheaper in the long run. You will be able to slow down the progression of greenhouse gases, fewer emissions, less pollution, and it is cheaper than glass. The boxed wine packaging is much less expensive and it can virtually be completely recycled.

Benefit #7 A wide selection of varieties of wines come in boxes - While boxed wine definitely has its advantages it has taken a while for it to be widely accepted. With the greater acceptance comes a better selection of the different varieties of wines that come in boxes. You can easily find the standard favorites like Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscato, and Cabernets
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