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As a beginner, a little bit of knowledge of wine will help you a lot to choose from the best 6 red wines. There are plenty of types available in red wines but we have made our list with the top 6 red wines.

The list of sweet red wines for beginners consists of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Shiraz, Carménère, Monastrell, and Garnacha. We have discussed in detail about these six types of red wines and described how they are the best and what's so common as well as different in these six types of red wines. 

It's a fact that all of is like the same taste. The wine is an acquired taste. Wine gives off various aroma compounds. And because of this, it offers plenty of unique smells. You can enjoy the smell from cherry sauce to old saddle leather.

Now let's cut the story short and discuss how to start your journey of wine. The following are the tops 6 selected red wines with different taste and different smells. Read on to understand them well and to get a basic understanding of them. From hundreds of options, we have discussed only six types. So after getting enough knowledge about these six types of red wines, you may proceed to other types.

Beginners Guide To 6 Best Red Wines

The following six types of red wines are selected on the basis of three factors. First, they are bolded on the flavour intensity spectrum. Second, the simple identification of fruit flavours. Third, you can get these wines less than $18/bottle. 

  • Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache)
  • Zinfandel (a.k.a. Primitivo)
  • Shiraz (a.k.a. Syrah)
  • Monastrell (a.k.a. Mourvédre)
  • Petite Sirah
  • Carménère


  1. Spanish Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache)

If you want to learn about the taste of acidity, this wine is the best choice. You can choose the Raspberry, Candied Cherry and Orange flavours of this type. Garnacha is specifically from Spain. You can get it in bright berry flavours with moderate acidity. This wine generally laced with citrus flavours and that makes it the first choice. As per the research, it has been proven that the wine with higher acidity gives less tannic tasted compared to wines with lower acidity. Garnacha is gown basically in Spain and Southern France and this is one of the most demanding grape wine outside of the US. 

  1. California Zinfandel

With these types, you will come to know about the effect of alcohol on the actual flavour. If you are testing it the first time, buy a Zinfandel with around 15% ABV. And make sure you drink it with your loved one or friends. It will give you more joy. You can get this wine in Raspberry, Chocolate and Cinnamon flavours. After some sips of this drink, you can feel the tingle of alcohol in the back of your throat. If you go with superior level alcohol wine that consists of around more than 14% alcohol, then you can have a 'spice' element to the taste. In Zinfandel, you can get the taste of cinnamon and pepper. The increased level of alcohol will add tingling sensation as well as the perception of the body. If you drink the wine consist of a high amount of alcohol, it decreases the perception of tannin in the taste, and this is proven at Bordeaux University. Now when you know about this thing, you will surely feel the effect next time when you drink Zinfandel type.

  1. South Australian Shiraz (a.k.a. Syrah)

Shiraz is the best type to explain to you about a full-bodied wine. There are only a few producers available for Shiraz wine type. And they have also moved towards lighter style. On the notes of this wine type, you can get Blackberry, Blueberry, Pepper and Coffee. There are a lot of things happening between grapes and winemaking companies to produce the best quality wine with a bold effect. And to get this effect, the wine includes heightened glycerol and a minor amount of residual sugar. If you compare Australia with other countries, you will find it the most consistent one for producing impressive quality wines. You can definitely feel the profile and texture in your mouth while taking a sip of Shiraz wine.

  1. Spanish Monastrell (a.k.a. Mourvédre)

To get the knowledge of Old World Wines, Monastrell is a perfect choice. And this is the most appropriate one in this category compared to Shiraz. This is a precious variety in Spain, but it's not so much popular in the states. This thing creates a deep dark full-bodied wine with impressive rustic notes. It consists of tar, roasted meats and tobacco smoke. If you have knowledge of Old World wine, you might know that the earthy flavours. They are the hallmark of this wine. As a lush bold red wine, Monastrell provides complete value. You can get the best examples at Yecla in Spain. 

  1. California Petite Sirah

With the help of Petite Sirah, you can get the complete information of tannin. Have you seen Petite Sirah grapes? Actually, they are really small in size. And because of the small size, they contain more skins and seeds. These are the main sources of tannin and colour. This is the main reason behind the increased amount of high tannin. Once you taste Petite Sirah, your mouth will dry out because of the texture of tannin. If you love such kind of taste, you have various other options as well with high tannin wines. 

  1. Chilean Carménère

To know in deep about herbaceous or 'green' wines, Carménère is the best example. You can definitely enjoy a subtle note of bell pepper in the mix, even with the high amount of cherry and plum flavoured taste in the Carménère wine. This effective compound is famous with the name Pyrazine. And this is the main source of the herby-grassy quality of many red and white wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Carménère are some of the most common red and white wines.
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