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Who knew that a glass of red wine every day could be used for more than having a good time? It turns out that red wine also helps battle some common hair care related problems. If you are struggling with the woes of hair care, then do read to find out how your taste in red wine can help you combat them.

  • Hair thinning: Red wine helps in blood circulation, especially to your scalp. This reduces hair fall reduction and promotes hair growth. Red wine also helps fight scalp inflammation, leading to thicker, shinier hair.
  • Scalp itchiness: The anti-inflammatory properties of red wine ensure that your scalp does not develop itchiness in the long run. Simply pour some red wine after a shampoo routine to see improved scalp conditions within a week.
  • Dandruff: Dietary intake of red wine significantly reduces dandruff. The improved blood circulation it enhances leads to less skin flaking and consequently less dandruff.
  • Damaged hair repair: Red wine is a storehouse of many nutrients that directly boost hair revival and growth. Rinsing your hair after a wash leaves an observable sheen immediately.
  • Prevents hair ageing: The bioflavanoids present in red wine make it the ultimate remedy for anti-ageing properties. This boosts keratin formation making your hair stronger and longer.

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October 06, 2019 by Last WineDown