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If you see the list of wine producers, you will find Spain on the top 3. This place has one of the massive producers of wine in the world. Here you can find a million acres of land dedicated to vineyards. Spanish wines are very famous in the market because they offer great values to highly prestigious wines. Some of the best Spanish wines are Alvaro Palacios’ L’Ermita and Vega Silicia’s Unico.

There are different types of Spanish Red wines available in the market. So you can enjoy the variations every time. We have discussed below the top 7 types of Spanish wines and this information will help you to choose the best wine.


  1. Young Tempranillo: You can get Young Tempranillo with less than a year of ageing. This is the juicy and spicy type of Tempranillo. The taste of this wine can be spicy, fleshy, and tart because they are not aged long. 
  1. Aged Tempranillo: The best quality wines of Tempranillo are stored in oak and bottle for several years. These are the bold high tannin wines. The different varieties of spiciness and flavours become sweet and dried because of the ageing of Tempranillo softness. 
  1. Young Garnacha: In France, Garnacha is famous with the name Grenache. But the grape used to produce this wine generally originated in Spain. If you want to enjoy the taste of sweet red fruit and a smooth iced tea then this fresh and juicy style of Garnacha is the best option for you.
  1. High-End Garnacha and blends: These types of wines are stored for a long period and typically come from old vines. You can enjoy the bold and complex high-end Garnacha wines with high tannin and dark raspberry flavours. 
  1. Monastrell: If you ever tasted the Mourvèdre wine in France, then you will better understand the taste of Monastrell. Because they both offer almost similar tastes. But, this wine is originated in Spain. 
  1. Mencía: The layers of Mencía consist of red fruit, floral aromas and moderate mouth0drying tannins. This is the unique medium-bodied wine. You can find most of these types of wines in Spain and Portugal. 
  1. Bobal: This is the rarely available grape in Spain. But still, many Spanish people plant Bobal plants. You can find most of this type of grape in Central Spain where it is priced for its deep opaque purple colour. It consists of high tannins. Bobal wine comes in black fruit flavours. 

If you visit Spain, you will find it the most diverse country. It helps to get a lay of the land. There are various types of grapes available in the different regions of Spain. Here we will discuss the regions and the type of grapes that founded in the specific region.



There are more than 60 regions in Spain where you can find the different types of grapes from light and zesty Albariño to inky black Monastrell. We will understand it better by dividing them into 7 distinct climates.

1) Northwest “Green” Spain

Galicia is the place where you can find different types of fishes as common food. This place is covered with plenty of green valleys. Rias Baixas is the sub-region where you will find champion grape, Albariño. This skirts the coast. This is the best place in Spain where you can get specially produced zesty white wines and some of the aromatic red wines. These wines are made with Mencia.

2) Mediterranean Coast

There are different sub-regions comes under the coast that includes Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia. Catalonia is famous for Priorat, a superiorly acclaimed red wine sub-zone. This place is also well-known for Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine. The regions like Valencia and Murcia produces the bulk of value wines because these are the warmer growing regions. You can find deep red Monastrell to aromatic white Malvasia as well as the widely planted Airén.

3) Ebro River Valley

Ebro River Valley is the origin of famous sub-regions of La Rioja and Navarra. You can find various important things here that are used to make age-worthy wines. These things include Lopez de Heredia and Marques de Murrieta. Tempranillo is king here. Navarra is famous for rosado wine. Garnacha grape is used to make this wine. This region is also famous for the production of oak-aged white wines of Viura (Macabeo). Here Txakoli (“CHAK-o-li” ), white wine is a common drink.

4) Duero River Valley

If you ever visited the Douro river in Portugal, you will find Spain's Duero river similar. Several things have made this region popular such as the minerally white wine, Verdejo, of Rueda and the bold red wines of Toro, Ribera del Duero and Leon. Tempranillo is the main type of grape produce here. And it is known as Tinta de Toro in Toro. Vega Sicilia is one of the most popular wineries in Spain and Ribera del Duero is home for this.

5) Central Plateau

The central plateau or Meseta Central is home to Madrid, a capital city. And it is the inner plateau of Spain. This place is dry and sunny. This area consists of 2300-2600 as feet average elevation. The wines are kept very far apart and close to the ground because of this place's climate characteristics. You can find some of the most impressive wines here which are produced from Garnacha, Tempranillo and even the rare, Petit Verdot.

6) Andalucía

Andalucía is the most popular for Sherry. This is a hot and dry region. Here Palomino Vineyards in Cádiz look like a moonscape because of the stark white albariza soil. "PX" which is famous as fortified dessert wine produced by Montilla-Moriles. You may enjoy the similar nutty-date flavours like Tawny Port from the aged PX.

7) The Islands (includes The Canary Islands)

Listan Negro-based reds to dessert wines made with Moscatel wines are easily available at the Islands of Spain. You can enjoy the gritty taste of rustic minerality because of the volcanic soils of the Canary Islands.  



The above-described regions are the most famous regions for different types of grapes and wines. To select a good wine, you must have little knowledge about it. So the above discussion will surely help you to know about different Spain regions where you can enjoy the best wines in the world. Visit the authentic place only to buy a genuine wine bottle. You can enjoy the fresh wine as well as aged wine here. 

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