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Portugal is famous for Port wine. Port is generally a sweet, red fortified wine that is manufactured in Portugal. If you love wine, Port is the best one you should try. As a dessert wine, the port is the most popular choice because of its richness. Many people love to have this wine with dessert. Port wine has various types available such as red, white, rose, and an aged style. This is also called as Tawny Port.

Port wine can be available at various supermarkets but if you can't get pure quality there. These wines are cheap and having average quality. If you want to taste high-quality wine, you have to spend hundreds of dollars. And these high-quality wines are available only at some specific places or you have to visit Portugal to taste the actual port wine.

Basic Information About Port Wine Taste

If you like flavored wine, then port wine is the best for you. This is a sweet wine. And you can get it in different flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate sauce. 

Red port with a good amount of berry & chocolate flavors is the most popular port. If you like highly sweet wine then go with this one. And then another one is a tawny-colored port with a good amount of caramel and nut flavors. Most of the people like these two types of port a lot. You will get a medium level of sweetness in this type.

If you want more flavors in the port wine, then you have to go with the older wine. Find Port wine around 30 years old to get flavors such as graphite, green peppercorn, hazelnut, almond, butterscotch, and graham cracker. 


Information About Port Wine Styles

Port wine has plenty of styles but you categorize them in a set, then there are main 4 basic categories:

  • Ruby (Red) Port:This is a highly red port wine that consists of Vintage, Late-bottled Vintage (LBV), Crusted and Ruby Port
  • Tawny Port:This port consists of an oxidative nut and caramel flavors and that makes it a very sweet barrel-aged port.
  • White Port:To make the white port, high amount of impressive white grapes are used. And this port consists of Rabigato, Viosinho, Gouveio and Malvasia.
  • Rosé Port:This port wine is made like rose wine and it consists of different flavors such as strawberry, violets and caramel. 


How to Serve Port Wine?

If you want to serve port wine to your guest, then you have to maintain the appropriate temperature. It should be served below room temperature. Maintain the temperature around 60 °F (16 °C). You can serve the Ruby Port on the rocks with a peel of lime in the summertime. This is the best way to serve your guest.

How to Pair Port Wine with Food?

You can easily have the port wine with a simple desert-like chocolate and caramel desserts. You can also have it with richly flavored cheeses. And the best-matched pair is sweet-smoky meats. Salted and smoked nuts is also a good choice to make a pair with port wine.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Port Wine

Portuguese indigenous grapes and the blending process makes the port wine unique compared to other types of wines. This is the main quality of a true port. Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo), Tinta Barroca and Tinta Cão, etc. are the different types of grapes flavors. And there are more than 52 varieties available in grapes. With the different types of grapes, you can have a unique flavor. These things are unique and you can't find such things in other wines. 

How To Make Port Drink?

In early days, people stomp grapes with their feet to make port drink. This was the original process and it generates a unique blend. But, nowadays most port wineries make wine by using automatic lagers with mechanical "feet". In this process, no manual labor is required. There are still a few wineries available in the market who follow the old way.

Specific Glass to Serve Port Wine

If you compare a Port wine glass with the normal wine glass, you will find that the Port wine glass is smaller compared to the regular wine glass. And the servicing size of the Port drink is approximately 3 oz.

Use of Port Wine in Cooking

There are many varieties of food where you can use Port wine as an ingredient. Chocolate cakes, sweet gooey chocolate sauces, etc. are some of the varieties where you can use Port wine. You can also use it as reduction sauce. Generally, Chefs use Port wine and reduce it to a thick sauce. The reduction of Port is used as a balsamic glaze. You can also use Port drink for the replacement of brown sugar or maple syrup.

The Most Preferable Port for Cooking

Ruby port is the most popular one because it's an affordable choice. You can get this port in red color and will impart red berry ad cinnamon-like flavors into the sauce. If you want to cook with Ruby port, it will cost you around $10 to $20. And you can keep it open for a long time.

The Life of Port Wine

You can use the Ruby style port wine for around 2 weeks. You can also use it for a month but you have to preserve it appropriately in the fridge.

And at the other end, Tawny Port stays as it is for almost a month. You should store the wine in a cool and dark place by using a vacuum preserve to handle oxygen.



Port is a famous wine which is available in different styles in the market. There are several port wine suppliers available in the market. But, you have to check for the quality. If you try to save some bucks by buying cheap port wine, it might be possible that you get the duplicate product. So think twice before buying port wine
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